I got Dumped. Now What?

The fact is "heartbreak" is a universal pain. We all endure soul-crushing breakups in which pain becomes a constant for us, and merely escaping that feeling seems impossible.
But we all eventually get over it. We are all survivors of Heartbreak.
The relationship, whether you like it or not, is now over. Despite all odds, and however much it may hurt at first, you are surviving. You are doing it. It doesn't take a day, not even a week, but you WILL get past it.

Here are a few steps to take, a mindset to deal with the sudden ache of the breakup:

Step one

Even though you are devastated, you must find comfort in this; if someone doesn't want to be with you then they're clearly not the one for you.

Step two

As the feeling of loss sets in, the loss of the person, the dream and your life together, you will realize that you certainly can't switch an on/off button and stop thinking about them cold turkey. Allow yourself a certain amount of time to dwell, grief and cry if you will. Give yourself a week or two- and only that.

Step three

After the time you've given yourself to wallow is over, decide that you're not going to waste anymore time on that person who dumped you. Decide that they aren't worth it, turn your sadness into anger. Use that as fuel, to get yourself out there, and start a new workout plan. Get a new job. Start doing new things and meeting new people. Even if you're not totally ready yet, it's about time to start moving on. As they say "Happiness is the best revenge."

Step four

Don't regret the time and the memories. It's not wasted if you've learnt something from it, about yourself or about whom you want to be with.

It's easier to yearn for the person who dumped you, to want to try to fix it, to make things better and get them back. But if you look at the bigger picture, in the grand scheme of your life, you will most likely eventually be thankful for this break-up. This relationship ended for a reason, to make room for your one true love -the person who definitely will not dump you.

In the immediate aftermath of the breakup you may want to keep these strategic tips in mind: Disconnecting:

Solo time

Face the pain

Enforce Positive Thinking

Start over, find a good friend in yourseIf and do what's in your best interest.

It's tough, but you are gonna get through it. Because you know you deserve better. And quoting Dr. Seuss "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"

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