Should I tell my Fiance about my Past Relationships?

You've finally found the one. The soul mate you've been searching for all along. You're happy and looking forward to your future together, until you recall old memories of your previous relationship. You feel threatened by the very existence of these memories, burdened by the fact that they even took place, that they ever happened.

To tell or not to tell?

Should you tell your Fiance everything? Will he accept any of it? Will he be able to leave the past behind? Or will it be the end of your bliss?

What about not coming clean and staying truthful? Is not telling, a form of betrayal? Are you supposed to lie about your past? What if he finds out?

It's natural to want to start off a new relationship with a tabula rasa. Without any undisclosed or hidden facts. Nobody wants to keep things from the person they are in love with. In fact you might feel that you want to share everything about you with them, even your painful past.

But you must realize that the psychological nature of the Eastern male, his social and cultural inheritance as an Arab or an Egyptian man simply don't allow him to learn to accept knowing of his "woman's past". Even if he's had a grand "past" of his own.

You must ask yourself, are you willing to take such a risk? To what avail, really? Telling all and putting the relationship at stake by disclosing these past events is not worth the potential loss of both your current happy status. Leave the past in the past. Don't occupy your mind with What-ifs, we all have Chapters in our lives that we would much rather erase.

And at the end of the day whatever will be, will be.

What should I do then?

There is no doubt that you might be feeling an emotional pressure by choosing to keep the events of the past to yourself.
Let me share these few steps to help you take it easy, and live with your decision:

When to disclose?

However, when the events of your past could affect your present or future, full disclosure is the best policy.
Here are a few case examples to help you take a better decision:

In the end, trust your instinct and take a hold of your fate by doing what your heart tells you to be true to yourself and to others. According to William Shakespeare, "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."

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